Patriation and Legitimacy of the Canadian Constitution; the 1982 Cronkite Lectures by Barry Lee Strayer (the “Patriation” was a coup d’état)

Barry Lee Strayer, author of Patriation and Legitimacy of the Canadian Constitution (1982)

The Quebec “secession” saga is only one part of a much larger project, the dismantling and restructuring of Canada into city-states in the socialist North American Union.

In 1982, a few months after Trudeau (a constitutional lawyer) supposedly “patriated” the Constitution, his constitutional adviser on the “Charter”, Barry Lee Strayer, delivered a pair of “law” lectures boasting that the patriation had been short on legality.  In other words it was illegal.  It was not a constitutional amendment, but a constitutional and parliamentary coup d’état.

A scan of a copy of an original of the lectures in pamphlet form is online and free to download. See the sidebar for the scan, the OCR, and a selection of key quotations from the lectures:

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